About the Author

Joan Scala is a nature (and cloud) enthusiast and award winning photographer.  She is passionate about igniting the imagination of children in order to open their minds to all of the possibilities nature can provide. Joan especially enjoys introducing young minds to the endless adventures the world can present by looking beyond the obvious and engaging the creative parts of children’s minds.  She feels with imagination, anything is possible.

“My intent is to engage children in an outside activity that fires their imagination. By utilizing actual photos taken of what one can see in clouds, my hope is to motivate children to think “outside the box” at a very early age and open their minds to the endless possibilities that exist in nature.  Through searching for the “magic” in clouds, I hope children may also realize that there are unlimited opportunities that life itself can offer to them.  They just need to look, imagine and believe.”

Having been captivated by cloud formations at an early age, Joan continues to search the skies for new shapes and forms just waiting to be discovered.  The beauty is that this game can be played anywhere clouds form and can be enjoyed alone or with friends.  “I find it great fun to be outside playing a game that challenges the individual to see things in their mind’s eye that exist in the real world but that often requires a bit of imagination to uncover those familiar objects in the clouds… It simply is magical!”

The Magic in Clouds is first in a series of children’s books to be created by Joan Scala.  In addition to the second in this series, Joan has numerous additional projects underway.

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About the Illustrator

Max Hergenrother is a New York based artist who received his MFA from School of Visual Arts in 2005 since then he has been working as a professional Illustrator represented by The July Group.  He is also an Associate Adjunct Professor at St. John’s University and is the owner of CTIArt art school in Glen Cove, NY.  Max has works in children’s literature, book jacket design, web design, dvd authoring, multimedia design, as well as trade books and advertising.  Max’s illustration and fine art have appeared in Annova Books, Batsford Publishing, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Kappa Publishing, Macmillan, Reed Business, Nassau County Museum of Art, NetConnect Magazine, New York Times, Newsday, Penguin Books, Wading River Books, Sleeping Dog Studios, and others. 

Max’s work can be viewed at maxinkart.com, thejulygroup.com and ctiart.com